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From PAIN to PURPOSE & to PLEASURE. A Guide To Living A Successful Life is packed with loads of inspiration. If you need help staying inspired as you build success, this book is for you. Leading Lady Dar was Shifted to Speak On Success after her PAIN pushed her into her PURPOSE allowing her to now enjoy the PLEASURES in life. Darniece was unhappy with her job, and noticed how so many other people were working a job they too was unhappy doing. Darniece decided to work on herself so she can build a business that could sustain her, a business she found pleasure in building and a business she could serve other's by helping to solve their problems. Darniece found her gift and began to pursue her purpose. Darniece is not only helping women by providing Life & Business Coaching and Mentorship but she's also encourage people to follow their dreams and start their business. Darniece share how success is different for everyone and that success is rewarding when you learn your gift and pursue your purpose.

Shifted to Speak On Success Book

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