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What good is the fruit if all the juice is squeezed out!

Hey ladies, sometimes we can be an emotional wreck. And it's okay.... we have all right to be sometimes. Woman are born nurtures and we love hard, we care even when we don't really want to. How many of you have found yourselves in a position where you're being pushed, squeezed and feeling like the heat has been turnt up on you? The stress that come from tending to other people needs and your needs aren't being met. The tired feeling of running, tending to the kids, husband, work, and house work from 6am until you crash at 9pm sometimes 11pm at night. Or, how about the anxiety of knowing you have a deadline on that report that's still sitting on your desk that you haven't had time to glance at. Listen ladies, I can think of a number of reasons as to how we become an emotional wreck or mentally exhausted. Let's be that bridge over troubled waters for one another. Let's help each other by sharing ways that can help simplify the everyday stressors. Me personally, I eat the FROG every morning when I first get to work....I know I can't handle everything in one day so I've learnt to tackle my biggest project or headache first. Then I'll tackle everything else, so when I go home that evening I'm not thinking, stressing and building anxiety about what I have to start and finish the next day. So therefore when I lay down that night I can rest peacefully. Also, another tip is to ask for help. Ask your spouse or your children for help. Kids love to help, utilize them! You are a very special and delicate fruit that need to continue to blossom and not just be squeezed and drained till people are sucking the juice out of you. So when you feel the stress coming on say these words "I am a delicate ____", I can't be squeezed right now.


The Peach

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