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Thank you Judas for my Kiss

Heyy ladies, I believe we all know the story of how Judas betrayed Jesus. If not, here is just a brief overview. Judas was close to Jesus and one would have never suspected this betrayal. But it happened! Judas signaled out Jesus to the Jewish authority by kissing him on the cheek. The kiss on the cheek use to be known as great love and respect for one. But not this time, this was the kiss of an evildoer. I am using this analogy to reference how someone your close with, in your immediate family or a longtime friend can betray you, can discourage you from your dreams. You my friend have to know that your dream is your dream, everyone will not like or understand it. There maybe some who may be a little jealous and try to block your blessings. My message to you today is to be mindful of who you have sitting at the table with you. Everyone don't deserve a seat at your table. Be careful who you share your dreams with. And if you recognize that Judas in your circle, remember to say "Thank you Judas" or "Thank you for my Judas Kiss". Say it loud if you need to but you should probably say it under your breathe and just keep your distance. Some may look at that kiss/betrayal as all bad especially Jesus being crucified but some good did come out of that. And that's a story for another day, but I can say that whoever is in your life giving you grief about following your dreams, won't support your desires. Then it's up to you to thank them and be on your way. Let their negative thoughts about you propel you into your destiny. DON"T GIVE UP!! GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION! You got this! Follow your dreams!

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