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Single Satisfied Secure & Saved

She ain't lying and she's not fronting about it either. Let's call her Beverly, Beverly is the lady down the street in the next hundred block with light eyes, caramel complexion, indian wavy neck length hair who has a master's degree in finance. Beverly sharp too, she loves to shop, she loves the bling and she definitely loves to spend money on good food. Part of that is because Beverly can't cook a lick. She can't even bake pillsbury already made cinnamon buns. Wowww! That's because Beverly never stayed in the kitchen when her aunt who raised her and her little sister and five of her little cousins. Beverly was always in the books, she slept with books, she ironed with books, she bathe with books she even took a summer job reading to youth at a summer camp. Beverly was different, like we all are. Different in our own way. She never gave up a chance to read and learn something new. Having that quality trait led her into high places, allowed her to meet very distinguished people who were about a lot more than just hanging out in the streets.

Beverly was business savvy, down to earth, very strong intellectual female who admired other women strength and wasn't afraid to compliment another woman. Beverly dated on & off in high school, and dated a few times in college. Beverly loved a man who knew what he wanted, that to her was a real turn on. Like most of us, a man who knows what he want, look good, smell good and umm ooh ooh got the good good! Okay, now let us focus lol. Beverly ran into a few dingy Daren's, a few lazy Lawrence's, a few whoring Wilson's and quite a few broke Byron's. She has seen her fair share of bi-polar having, stingy, selfish, stubborn, nice looking in the face and broke below the waist, woman depended on lack of a real man in her days. Beverly dated a couple of Richie Rick's and a few Ivan the investors but none of these guys she really took serious. She almost wanted to give up. She just kept saying, she wasn't meant to be married, she would also say men don't understand her, Beverly kept saying all kinds of crazy stuff to help justify her singleness. One day Beverly told her mother, she give up, she's just going to live her life as a single woman with no interest in getting married.

Well well well, somebody heard that, she said that wayyyyy too loud. And a soft whisper hummed across her ear. "I will never leave you nor forsake you, you are not alone, just because you're by yourself doesn't mean you're lonely". That soft whisper assured her of her worth, that soft whisper said "beautiful are a GEM, you are above a ruby's worth and a GEM does not seek.....A REAL GEM IS SOUGHT!!" The soft whisper went on to tell Beverly " You are created in the most beautiful image inside & out, save yourself from wasting time on nobody's because as a woman it's not your job to chase after a man, a real true man will come searching for you." The soft whisper went on to say "it is not your job to convince a man that you two belong together, your mate will already know it and he will consistently show it". The soft whisper whispered these last words in both of Beverly ears, without a murmur, stutter or crack in it's voice "Delight yourself in me and I will give you the desires of your heart. Don't worry about if he come will he be able to secure a bag...the whisper went on to say "I AM THE BAG" "I GOT YOU" "I WILL SEND HIM WHEN YOUR READY"....SO keep on investing in yourself, getting to know yourself and loving yourself SO when "HE" come you will know who you are, you will not only be able to bring something to the table you will be sitting erect, glowing, refined, gracefully and securely owning the table. So walk in peace, in victory, in honor and be SATISFIED knowing, yes you maybe SINGLE, yet your SECURED & SAVED.

LADY, if your single, divorced, separated, dating but unhappy and lonely then I'm talking to you sis! Every woman that is alone is not lonely, so it's okay. Yes we all may want to have someone and especially someone to call our own. Timing is everything, because if we rush into relationships not knowing who we are and just getting involved just to say we have somebody...oooh ouch got darn it this can really hurt you. The flesh can have you lusting and that lust can lead to pure devastation. And don't be fooled by fools who say you're incomplete because you don't have someone. I use to think that and yes that was stupid foolish thinking. I was given a quote by my aunt that read something like this: "What makes you think that just because I am an attractive woman of godly intelligence that I'm incomplete without a mate? Who told you that without a man something's missing from my life." I'm not sure who wrote that lil quote but this ties right into my blog..... Lady, Ma'am, GF, Sis, BFF you are not incomplete, God can fill you up and whatever is lacking in "you" God can satisfy, he can give an abundance of whatever it may be. So, Walk In Them Shoes Single, Satisfied, Secure & Saved!

#S-Track Single, Satisfied, Secure & Saved

Look Out for the free check list download on how to stay ground on the "S" track!

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