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I'm a Christian and I'm MAD!

I'm mad! Point blank, PERIODT! Not angry just MAD (VERY:EXTREMELY) HAPPY! I'm M.A.D.....MOOD AFTER DELIVERANCE! I've been delivered and set free from somethings! This is what the big fuss is about, to be delivered is to be set free from bondage. In bondage some people do nothing, some complain and do nothing and then there is some who work their tail off to get free. When I use the term BONDAGE, I'm speaking in terms of mental hostage, enslaved to a person like an addiction, or a product or item you just can't live without/do without or that addiction have you losing your mind. Pure manipulation, uncontrollable habits are developed and the fact that you think your stuck in a dilemma you can't get out of be it financial, mental or a personal relationship.

Sis, I'm free and I'm VERY VERY, EXTREMELY HAPPY about it. I'm so glad I can share this with you. So hear me out! Don't be afraid to acknowledge that you may be bound by somethings, need to get free from some people and elevated from some places. The word MAD can mean that someone is very angry. Noooo, I don't do very angry, I may get upset but this is not that story. MAD to me is my MOOD AFTER DELIVERANCE, which is a HAPPY SUPER SAVED CHRISTIAN! I'm not perfect but I'm striving for greatness, I did some work to get FREE.

I once was bound but NOW I'm free! I'm free from toxic relationships, worrying and lack. I no longer entertain negativity. I protect my peace, pay attention to my surroundings and definitely am cautious of who I allow to have a seat at my table. What I can do, I do, what I can't, I take to GOD. I realized I was one who felt that if I wasn't in control things wouldn't be right. But when your a believer, you consult with GOD, you spend time with GOD so you can hear from HIM then you won't need to be in control of it all. GOD will do the rest. God's word says "you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you". So, if there is a problem your faced with and you can't handle it, take it to God, ask GOD to order your footsteps, sit still so you can hear from HIM. And just watch how things you felt you needed to control work out for your good because HE will give you the strength you need to do "ALL THINGS" and he'll also set you FREE from what have you bound. DELIVERANCE is available for you too! Work on you sis! Check your temperature, make sure your okay. Are you hot, warm or cold for GOD? Are you serious about this thing called life? Are you living or just existing? If you want to be set free from somethings then, spend time with God get to know him, build a relationship with HIM. Confess your sins, ask for guidance and allow HIM to lead you so you too can be a SUPER SAVED BELIEVER! I'M SUPER HYPE & PROUD TO BE A SUPER SAVED BELIEVER! I will wear it well! If your SUPER HYPE & SUPER SAVED purchase your t-shirt today here on the site. Shop WiTS!

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