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I ALMOST LOST MY .*.#.*.#...ISH!!

Well, I ain't going to lie!! I'm human. I was tried, I was tested, I was pushed, I was lied on, I was misused, I was abused and I GOT TIRED!

I'll say it properly, for those of you college educated folks... I was in rage, beyond infuriated and somebody almost caught the wrath! Now let me say it for my hood good people, I ALMOST LOST MY ISH! But, and it is the BUT for me, that kept me. I was reminded of what it felt like being behind the bars in a prison cell. Now close your mouth, I know you're in shock but yes, at the age of 18 I spent a weekend in the round house (For those of you outside of Philadelphia-that's the jail before the big Jail---like a big district for processing). You're going to have to wait to read my memoir to find out how I got there. Just be patient, it's being worked on! The memoir is coming soon!

Now back to me almost losing my ish. The bible tells us clearly that when your a child, you speak, think and understand as a child but when you are old/older (MATURE) you put away childish things. Some of us do! I've learnt that someone can grow up maturely on the outside but on the inside their still a child. Well, I'm certain I put away childish things, I speak, think an understand like an adult and that today helped me with my attitude and response to things and people. Also my good E-Book The Power of Positive Thinking caused me to Walk In Them Shoes made me reflect on self and taught me to think differently. Be optimistic. Positive thinking is what saved me from jumping at someone and choking the living stank out of them. See, this book will tell how happy people find good in the world and sometimes in people. So because I've learned better ways of handling life, people, stress and people, tribulations and did I say people? Okay, yes I did about two times. I learned, realized, and practice some of what I talk about in this book. So please, purchase your copy today! It's only $9.99. You won't regret it! It will add love, peace, joy and value to your life.

Thank you in advance

-Leading Lady Dar

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