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God did not give you the responsibility without giving you the ability.  Step out on faith and pursue your dreams.



Lady Dar

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WOW!  We're super excited to bring to you inspiration in many forms, NOW in a magazine!  Yess, WOW magazine highlight astonishing women, we'll share all things inspiring, beautiful, uplifting and WOW will share great tips on FASHION, HEALTH, BEAUTY, MINDSET, WEALTH & LIFESTYLE.  We will also offer inspiration from other contributing writers, sponsored ads, and advertisement from different brands & companies.  Who is WOW for?  WOW is for you!  WOW stands for WiTS ONE-HER-FUL WOMEN.  You are WON-DER-FUL!  And WOW want to make sure you know it, you understand it and always remember it!


Why not?  You don't want to miss the opportunity to launch or grow your business.  You will have an opportunity to reach people you may not normally be able to reach.  Because we offer digital and physical printed copies, your picture and your business could possibly increase in sales and followers for your products and services.

What Are You Waiting For?  Call 267-632-6281


Healing hands heal other's one

book at a time.

Shifted to Speak On Success
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The Book
The Planner


Shifted to Speak On Success will help you seek clarity in identifying your purpose.  This book help you embrace the SHIFT in your life. 


In addition to the book, there is also a PLANNER, which will help you succeed as you DECIDE, DEVELOP & DEVOTE to planning out our future.

*PLANNER is FREE with registration of any course.

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Women Achieve Remarkably


Women Achieve Remarkably is an inspirational book designed to help and heal women in domestic violent relationships, someone coming out of a DV relationship and for someone supporting someone who is in a DV relationship.


A Christian Women's Journal.  Daily inspiration and encouragement.  

A Queen's Anointing
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Is for the lady who is inspired to work on herself!  This journal will help you keep track of your workout habits.  This journal helps to keep you motivated for self-care.

Visit our store up above to purchase inspirational products by Lady Dar!

"The She Shifter"



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Darniece Bragg, CCLC is the founder of this wonderful organization, she inspire women to blaze the trail to success by teaching them the art of converting their defeat into stair steps to success.  Darniece coach women on Personal Development, teaching them the power of shifting their mind to help navigate the hurdles in life.  She's known as the "SHE SHIFTER".

Darniece is a women of God, her coaching is based from her spiritual principles.  Darniece is a mother of 3, grandmother of 6, Certified Christian Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, Mentor and Content Creator.


Drawing from her training, mentoring experience and strong work ethic, Darniece has a passion for motivating, empowering and helping women to discover their self-worth, build confidence and overcome personal challenges which will allow them to unlock their full potential to Walk In Them Shoes.

She formed her organization, Walk In Them Shoes, LLC, in November of 2017, as an avenue to fulfill her purpose for helping others learn how to move forward, so they can lead more purposeful and productive lives.  Through seminars and workshops, women are equipped to become their best selves.  Additionally, she provides individual sessions, group seminars and engaging topics as a Keynote Speaker for organizations and college campuses.  


Also known as Leading Lady Dar,  who is known for her passion for fashion and having a genuine heart and love for helping and encouraging others.

Darniece is excited and available for live events, and as a guest speaker or interview, for your online platform. 

Are you ready for the

Let's begin shifting, so you can begin living!

"Walk In Them Shoes!"

Because Giving Up Is Not An Option.

Darniece Bragg


Empowerment Workshop

One on One Life Coaching - 3 1 hour sessions. As you learn how to break limiting mindsets that keep you from making good choices and decisions in your life, by first loo...
A Better You
3 hr

Empowerment Workshop

AMAZING & POWERFUL!!! Who is EDNA!?! 🤦‍♀️ This WORKSHOP will have you wondering, guessing, investigating, searching and praying. Register and join us to see if EDNA...
Started Jul 13, 2023

Empowerment Workshop

Empowerment Workshop

Empowerment Workshop

Created for groups of 10-20, the "Sleeping With the Enemy" workshop is for young ladies and women in your group or organization who want to learn to value and respect the...
Sleeping With the Enemy
50 min
Group rates

Empowerment Workshop

Created for groups of 10-20, the "When Your Winds Turn Into Wins" workshop is for young ladies and women in your group or organization who are ready to learn how to rise ...
When Your Winds Become Wins
50 min
Group rates
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